Legacies Sezonul 4 Episodul 1 Online Subtitrat in Romana

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  • Legacies Sezonul 4 Episodul 1 Online

    You Have To Pick One This Time

    Oct. 14, 2021
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    Urmareste Legacies Sezonul 4 Episodul 1 Online Subtitrat in Romana. Calitatea acestui episod este HD. You Have To Pick One This Time - A avut premiera pe data de Oct. 14, 2021

    After learning that Malivore has taken over Landon’s body, Hope and the Super Squad come up with a risky plan to rescue Landon, as well as Cleo, who has been absorbed into Malivore’s darkness. Meanwhile, an impromptu date with Finch brings up a subject that Josie is not ready to talk about.

    1 stea2 stele3 stele4 stele5 stele
    Numar de voturi: 8

    (4) comments

    • Alexandra Asoltaneioctombrie 16, 2021Răspunde

      Când veți pune subtitrare?

    • Melaniaoctombrie 25, 2021Răspunde

      Site-uri idioate. toti aveti aceeasi sursa si niciunu nu sunteti in stare sa faceti rost de subtitrare pentru primul episod. Inteleg ca e de timp retail sau mai stiu eu cum, dar episodul 2 de ce este in romana? Ala nu mai e retail. Incompetenti

    • sinneroctombrie 26, 2021Răspunde

      Du-te pe hbo si vezi daca ai subtitrare.

    • Laurieoctombrie 30, 2021Răspunde

      OMG NOT ALL THIS BS WITH LANDON „AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN”. That is all this series is literally about! Hope chasing after Landon and coming to his rescue, it’s pathetic and a very boring/tired dragged out plot. The first season was good then it basically just revolved around Landon 24/7. There isn’t enough room for the other actors to grow or to have a real role, because it’s got to be all about Hope & Landon. When Malivore took over his body, I was thrilled and was thinking „this is great, no more Landon, he’s dead lol.” Now I see there is a new season and I get 20 minutes into the first episode and fell asleep. Not watching this series at all anymore. It’s the same old repetitive crap week after week and the writers for this show should actually use their imaginations for once and write something „NEW” FOR THE OTHER CHARACTERS/ACTORS INTO THE STORY. Forget about Landon, he’s boring, has zero personality, talks too much, and is far from being cute lol. sorry to all the Landon lovers out there but he’s gotta go!

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